California Needs Superheroes. California Needs You!

We know you stepped up to pharmacy because you want to serve your community. We want to help you in fulfilling your mission through serving you, the pharmacist. Together, we will reduce the amount of unused contolled medications in your community.

Sharps Compliance launched our drug takeback program nearly ten years ago — long before federal regulation made it possible for pharmacies like yours to support us in our mission to remove unused medications from communities across Michigan, where they have caused so much harm.

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Your community needs leaders like you! MedSafe can help.


  • Remove unused controlled medications from your community
  • Help solve the opioid crisis in your community
  • Rescue children from accidental poisonings
  • Fulfill your mission as a problem solver
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Team with a company trusted by the
    U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


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