Retail Pharmacy

Pharmacies generate regulated waste like most businesses. Resulting sharps from immunizations as well as testing materials must be contained properly because cost-effective and convenient disposal is crucial for the busy pharmacist. In addition, when products are returned to the store by customers or become expired or deemed nonviable, they may be classified as hazardous waste. Sharps Compliance services pharmacies nationwide with our affordable sharps mailback systems and detailed management programs for hazardous waste. Additionally, Sharps Compliance offers disposal solutions for consumer unused medications and sharps.


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Our industry-leading USPS sharps mailbacks are the optimal service solution for pharmacies offering immunizations. Each mailback includes a sharps collection container and prepaid mailback box for packaging and shipping for proper disposal. All systems are treated according to state and federal regulations. Proof of treatment is accessible online for compliant and convenient recordkeeping. Mailbacks are cost-effective since they are purchased as-needed, which allows pharmacies to fully utilize containers as demand increase or decreases throughout the year.

Hazardous Waste

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Hazardous pharmaceuticals that are deemed nonviable must be managed in compliance with all state and federal regulations. Often hazardous pharmaceutical waste determinations are not made at the pharmacy leading to improper disposal and potential fines ranging in the thousands per incident, per day. A comprehensive program from Sharps Compliance includes waste determination, proper storage containers, transportation and treatment. Hazardous waste programs from Sharps Compliance are affordable and easy to manage.

Hazardous Drug Spill Control Kit™ - USP <800> Compliant

The Hazardous Drug Spill Control Kit is a USP <800> complaint spill kit for the cleanup of chemotherapy and other hazardous drug (HD) spills. Compounding pharmacies and other healthcare facilities that handle HDs must have USP <800> compliant spill kits on-site. This requirement is part of USP General Chapter 800 and is an effort to protect workers in the event of accidental spills of HDs.

Consumer Medication & Sharps Disposal

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With the passage of the Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act and ultimate changes to the DEA controlled substances regulations, pharmacy patients can now bring back to the pharmacy their expired or unused controlled (schedules II-V) and non-controlled medications. The patient simply deposits the medications into the DEA-compliant Sharps MedSafe Collection Receptacle. The MedSafe program offers pharmacies a solution that not only meets the DEA regulations, but also drives customers to your location for proper medication disposal. In addition to MedSafe, Sharps offers the DEA-compliant TakeAway Medication Recovery System Envelopes for patients to dispose of their controlled and non-controlled medications directly from their homes. Finally, our Complete Needle Collection and Disposal System offers self-injecting customers a sharps container with optional mailback disposal online at