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Sharps Compliance is a leading single source provider of regulatory compliant services for the healthcare market. We focus our services on small to mid-size generators of medical waste, pharmaceutical waste and hazardous waste. Our goal is to provide the best in service at affordable rates for our customers. Sharps Compliance strives to innovate new services that are regulatory compliant and environmentally sensitive.

Sharps Compliance Customers

We manage regulated waste services for customers throughout the United States with our cost-effective mailback solutions for medical and pharmaceutical waste. In addition, we service customers with route-based pickup services for medical, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste. Our customers include medical offices, dental practices, veterinarian clinics, long-term care facilities, home healthcare agencies, retail-clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturers and government agencies.

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Sharps Compliance Brands

Sharps Compliance’s waste solutions include a line of comprehensive systems for the containment, transportation, proper treatment and tracking of medical waste as well as unused or expired patient-dispensed pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications. The Sharps Recovery System™, Sharps’ flagship solution includes systems designed to solve the medical waste management of small to mid-sized generators including medical, dental, veterinary, retail pharmacy, long-term care, home infusion and home care, individual self-injectors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, correctional operations, occupational medicine and convenience care clinics, and non-healthcare industries such as hospitality and retail. The Sharps MedSafe® and TakeAway Medication Recovery System™ are designed for proper disposal of unused medications by individual consumers, retail and mail-order pharmacies, cities and counties, law enforcement and long-term care communities. The Complete Needle™ Collection & Disposal System is a retail solution designed to help the self-injector of at home medications with a safe containment container as well as an optional disposal procedure to ensure proper disposal. Sharps also provides programs for the disposal of our customers’ hazardous and universal waste. Finally, Sharps’ ComplianceTRAC is an online OSHA compliance and safety training program designed to assist our customers with safety requirements such as SDS management, safety plan development, training and access to state and federal regulations.

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Sharps Compliance

4.5 out of 5 stars
- December 8, 2017

I was surprised at the container when arrived at my doorstep! It will take me years to fill it! I was hoping to send back the unit filled and get a smaller unit. It takes up a lot of space in my little home.


5.0 out of 5 stars
- December 4, 2017

Easy to order, fast delivery.


5.0 out of 5 stars
- November 27, 2017

Great, I just wish there we’re more ways to purchase items separately than having them tied into a bundle deal. I don’t always want every thing in one bundle. Ie: purchasing the 5 quart locking wall mount without the container included because it does not come with a prepaid mail back sticker.


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