Sharps Compliance is an experienced, full-service medical waste management provider, serving the entire Louisville, KY metro area, including Fayette, Georgetown, Nicholasville, and Winchester. Our affordable, custom solutions include the collection, transportation, and disposal of regulated medical waste and pharmaceutical waste.

For over 25 years, our medical waste experts have helped waste generators comply with all federal, state, and local medical waste management requirements. Contact our Louisville, KY office at 502.414.6117 for more information and a free consultation to review your waste streams and needs.

Custom Medical Waste Disposal Solutions

We understand that not all healthcare providers generate the same wastes or have the same needs as, say, a large-scale hospital. That's why our team of experts works with each client to design a custom medical waste management solution that meets their volume and operational needs, all while keeping the client compliant per state and local regulations.

Our Louisville-area clients include surgical care centers, long-term care providers, and labs as well as smaller waste generators, like dental offices, veterinary clinics, home health providers, funeral homes, nursing homes, medspas, and more.

Our service options include:

  • Pickup service at your facility on your schedule
  • USPS-authorized Sharps mailback system for smalls medical waste generators
  • A combination pickup and mailback program, depending on the volume of waste generated over time
Full-Service Medical Waste Management & Tracking

As a full-service company, Sharps Compliance offers medical waste disposal solutions for different types of regulated wastes, including:

  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Sharps waste
  • Red bag waste
  • Pathological waste
  • Chemotherapy waste

All Sharps Compliance clients have access to their SharpsTracer account, which offers online access to all records regarding the transport, treatment, and tracking of all your medical waste shipments.

  • Complete and print required documents
  • Verify information, including proof of destruction
  • Online tools streamline paperwork and reduce errors that could delay processing or result in fines
  • All information is stored online for five years at no extra cost
Convenient, Online Compliance Training for Your Staff

Your staff plays a huge role in regulatory compliance. They have to understand the rules and follow them, to the letter, every single time. Improper handling, storage, packaging, or disposal of regulated medical wastes have the potential to injure staff or patients, raise disposal costs, and/or incur regulatory fines and penalties.

With ComplianceTRAC, an online training, compliance, and safety management system, your staff can receive online HHS-, DOT-, MCR-, and OSHA-compliant training 24/7. You can also use it to perform online safety audits and create online safety plans. The system offers access to over one million safety data sheets. ComplianceTRAC is updated continuously to reflect regulatory requirements and changes.

Get the Sharps Compliance Advantage

With Sharps Compliance, you and your staff will have the tools you need to comply with all state and federal regulated medical waste regulations:

  • Transparent and affordable pricing
  • Superior, personal customer service
  • A secure, online tracking system that meets the cradle-to-grave requirements for regulated wastes
  • Flexible options for disposal: pickup or mailback
  • An online regulatory resource offering up-to-date compliance information
  • Access to our staff of medical waste regulatory experts
  • Compliance training available online, 24/7
  • DOT-compliant transport of waste, detailed logs/shipping papers, and proof of destruction

We provide everything you need to package, label, and track your medical wastes while complying with state and local RMW regulations. There are no hidden fees or surcharge surprises. Call us at 502.414.6117 to request a free quote for medical and pharmaceutical waste disposal service in the Louisville, KY metro area.