Lead Apron Recycling System

Lead Apron Recycling System

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Safely dispose of lead aprons with the Lead Apron Recycling System.

Item Number: #949317



The Lead Apron Recycling System contains everything required to recycle lead aprons, properly package it for shipping, and return via FedEx for recycling. The box holds up to 50 pounds of adult-size lead aprons.

This system includes:

  • One box for lead aprons
  • One prepaid FedEx return shipping box
  • Proper management and online documentation of recycled/treated lead aprons

Special Note: Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico must purchase through Customer Support at 800.772.5657 as the price for use vary in these areas.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand ReturnPak
Size Medium
Item Number 949317
Container Dimensions 12"L x 12"W x 9"H
System Dimensions 12"L x 12"W x 9"H
Max Return Weight 50 lbs.
Waste Type Lead Apron Recycling
Authorization Number No
Who Is It For?
Lead aprons are often used in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, dental offices, veterinarian hospitals, and other settings where X-rays are taken. Lead aprons are used to protect personnel from dangerous X-rays.
How Do I Use It?
Fill the box with up to 50 pounds of lead aprons. Complete the FedEx Ground Label booklet adhered to the front of the box. Then package the box as instructed and ship via FedEx (prepaid shipping included) for recycling. Tracking of the recycling is available through SharpsTracer.