Colorado Medical Waste Management & Disposal Solutions

Sharps Compliance offers medical waste management and disposal solutions to Colorado medical waste generators. We provide sharps and red bag waste disposal solutions for regulated medical waste (RMW) containment, DOT- and USPS-compliant transportation, and waste treatment.

Our Colorado RMW customers include various waste generators, including surgery centers, dental offices, pathology labs, long-term care facilities, veterinary clinics, medspas, funeral homes, and tattoo studios.

Our Denver-area office serves the entire state, including these metro areas:
  • Colorado Springs
  • Fort Collins
  • Pueblo
  • Grand Junction

Contact us by phone at 303.379.3051 to speak with a representative or request a free quote online.

Custom RMW Solutions for Colorado RMW Generators

Are you tired of using off-the-shelf RMW solutions that aren't a good fit for your facility? Talk to us!

At Sharps Compliance, we work with each customer on an individual basis. We'll analyze your facility's needs and create a custom medical waste management solution that fits your needs and budget and complies with all state and federal regulations.

For example:

  • Mailback options: Facilities that generate smaller quantities of sharps and used healthcare products can use our TakeAway Recovery Systems. We provide all-inclusive disposal solutions, which include collection receptacles with prepaid return shipping boxes.
  • Pickup services: Facilities that generate quantities of medical waste too large for mailback can use our DOT-compliant pickup service for transportation and treatment of wastes, all according to a schedule that's convenient and necessary for you.
  • Cytotoxic pharmaceuticals: We provide specialized disposal services for facilities that handle chemotherapy or other cytotoxic drugs and chemicals. Our TakeAway Recovery Systems for Trace Chemo/Cytotoxic Drugs are specialized disposal solutions that support the regulatory-compliant collection, transport, tracking, and treatment of contaminated syringes, needles, empty vials, tubing, PPE, and other items.
Colorado Regulated Medical Waste Management Regulations

Colorado's regulatory environment is complex and strictly enforced. Several different federal and state agencies oversee regulated medical waste and pharmaceutical waste management in Colorado, including:

Wading through the pages and pages of regulations isn't easy. It takes time and effort to become familiar with the requirements and fluent in the numerous acronyms and terms. For example, Colorado's "Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Pharmaceutical Waste" document is 21 pages long.

Let us help you navigate the complex structure of Colorado's regulated medical waste regulations. We supply the tools you and your staff need to stay safe and comply with all federal and state regulatory requirements.

Put the Sharps Compliance Advantage to Work for You

Our company has over 25 years of RMW, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste disposal experience. With Sharps Compliance as your medical waste management partner, you can focus on what you do best – providing excellent healthcare and service. Our team monitors proposed rule changes, finalized rules, and updates our system to comply with changes.

Our full-service pharmaceutical and medical waste disposal services include:

  • Transparent pricing: There are never any hidden fees or surprise surcharges.
  • Customer service when you need it: Contact us by phone, email, or online chat.
  • Convenient training: Use ComplianceTrac to access online OSHA and Medicare-required training modules on your own schedule. They're available 24/7 so your staff can train when it's convenient.
  • Access to "The Hub:" Our free online regulatory resource gives you easy access to all state-specific regulations and safety documents.
  • Online waste tracking: SharpsTracer is an interactive, web-based tracking and analytical program. Use it to track and verify the receipt and treatment of returned materials.
  • Transportation: DOT-compliant transport of waste and shipping documents.
  • Cradle-to-grave tracking: Records are stored online for five years.

We also assist with the correct identification of wastes. Proper medical, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste classification and segregation help you save money on disposal costs and keeps your facility in compliance.

Ready to get started?

Our Denver-area office is located at 3771 Monarch St., Unit A, Frederick, CO 80516. Call us today at 303.379.3051 to request a free quote for regulated waste disposal services in Colorado.