Sharps Compliance is a leading biohazardous waste management company with over two decades of experience. We work with medical waste generators of all sizes to provide custom disposal solutions for the safe containment, storage, transportation, treatment, disposal, documentation, and tracking of all types of biohazardous and pharmaceutical wastes.

If you struggle with high disposal costs and complicated compliance regulations, Sharps Compliance can help. Our medical waste experts track all regulatory and legislative changes to ensure that our systems are up to date. We handle the regulatory details so you and your staff can focus on your patients and clients.

Our Tempe, AZ office serves the Phoenix metro area as well as other Arizona areas, including:

  • Tucson
  • Flagstaff
  • Sedona
  • Prescott Valley
  • Yuma
  • Lake Havasu City

Call our Phoenix, AZ office at 480.824.7166 to speak to a representative or request a free quote online.

Affordable Biohazardous Waste Disposal Solutions for the Phoenix Metro Area

Medical and pharmaceutical waste disposal regulations can seem complex and confusing – but compliance is crucial.

  • Cost: Wastes must be correctly categorized and separated before disposal. Trash mixed with red bag waste increases your disposal costs.
  • Safety: Improper disposal of used sharps can cause needlestick injuries among your staff or waste disposal workers.
  • Regulatory scrutiny: Both federal and state regulations govern biohazardous waste disposal in Phoenix. Violators may face stiff fines and penalties.

Let us help you achieve and maintain compliance in the management of your various regulated waste streams.

Custom Solutions for Phoenix Biohazardous Waste Generators

We serve a diverse client base of biohazardous waste generators, including hospitals, physician offices, dentists, veterinarians, pathology labs, med spas, and long-term care centers. Our medical waste disposal experts understand the unique needs of your facility. They will work with you to design a solution that meets your volume and frequency needs as well as your budget.

Our medical and pharmaceutical waste storage and transportation services include:

  • Mailback disposal systems: With our TakeAway Recovery Systems , you receive everything needed to store and ship smaller quantities of sharps and used healthcare products, including collection receptacles, packaging materials, and prepaid, pre-addressed return shipping boxes. In fact, ADEQ specifically recommends Sharps Compliance as a medical sharps mailback provider.
  • Pickup services: If your facility generates larger quantities of waste, you can use our DOT-compliant pickup service for transportation and treatment of wastes.
  • Trace chemotherapy pharmaceuticals: We offer specialized disposal services for facilities that handle chemotherapy or other cytotoxic drugs and chemicals. Our TakeAway Recovery Systems for Trace Chemo are specialized solutions that support the regulatory-compliant collection, transport, tracking, and treatment of contaminated syringes, needles, empty vials, tubing, and other items.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality reminds all biohazardous waste generators that they are ultimately responsible for the cradle-to-grave handling and disposal of wastes:

    "As a generator you are ultimately responsible for your waste from generation to treatment, therefore it is vital that you understand state rules, codes, and regulations for biohazardous medical waste to ensure your business is in compliance. A major component in helping to protect yourself as a generator is to choose a reputable biohazardous medical waste transporter that is registered with ADEQ. This registration means that their Transportation Management Plan (including waste transport procedures, personnel training, and business registration) has been reviewed and approved by ADEQ."
Put the Sharps Compliance Advantage to Work for You

Sharps Compliance is the partner you can trust. Our full-service options include collection systems for red bag waste, sharps, and pharmaceuticals, online shipment tracking, and proof of treatment. This helps you comply with your cradle-to-grave responsibilities as a generator to ensure your wastes are correctly segregated, containerized, transported, and destroyed.

Our pharmaceutical, medical, and hazardous waste disposal services include:

  • Transparent pricing: There are no hidden fees or surprise surcharges.
  • Accessible customer service: Contact us by phone, email, or online chat.
  • Convenient online training: With ComplianceTrac, online OSHA, HIPAA, and Medicare-required training modules are available 24/7. Your employees can access training on their own schedule, not someone else's.
  • "The Hub:" Our online regulatory resource gives you easy access to all state regulations, BBP and DOT training product use videos, and regulatory guidance documents for biohazardous and pharmaceutical waste.
  • DOT-compliant transportation: The transportation of waste and shipping documents is DOT-compliant.
  • Online tracking: SharpsTracer is an interactive, web-based tracking and analytical program. Use it to track and verify the receipt and treatment of returned waste. Records are stored online for five years.

We also assist with identifying wastes, including hazardous wastes. Proper classification and segregation of infectious wastes and pharmaceutical wastes can save you money on disposal costs and keep your facility compliant.

Our Phoenix-area office is located at 316 S Price Road, Tempe, AZ 85281. Call us today at 480.824.7166 to request a free quote and learn more about our custom medical waste disposal services in the Phoenix metro area.