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Unused Medication Disposal - MedSafe & TakeAway

Sharps Compliance is the leader in secure, convenient, turnkey solutions for proper disposal of unused medications, non-controlled substances and now controlled substances (schedule II-V).


MedSafe™ - Unused Medication Disposal System

Cost-effective Disposal of Patient Unused Medications – Including Controlled Substances. MedSafe is a solution for long-term care that allows the disposal of both non-controlled & controlled substances in one simple solution. For more information, visit our MedSafe site.

MedSafe™ Advantages

  • Cost-effective and easy to manage system that meets DEA regulations
  • Utilizes a collection receptacle, which is the DEA-preferred method for collection
  • Comingled collection of controlled and non-controlled pharmaceuticals
  • A common carrier is used to transfer the inner liners – allowing easy compliance with the 3-day rule in LTC
  • Uses incineration, the DEA-preferred method for destruction of controlled drugs – rendering the drugs completely irretrievable


TakeAway Environmental Return System - Unused Medication Disposal

  • TakeAway Environmental Return System Envelopes

    A USPS solution (8"x11" envelope), is a unique, proven method for unused medication disposal from the home environment. Simply, follow the instructions for use – fill it, seal it, and return it via the U.S Postal Service for assured treatment and processing.

    The larger UPS Takeaway medication disposal solution (11"x15" envelope) is ideal for a family or to facilitate the need to properly process greater quantities of unused patient medications. Simply, follow the instructions for use – fill it, seal it, and drop it off at your nearest UPS store, center or hand to a driver.

  • TakeAway Environmental Return System Drop-Off Box

    The drop-off systems are designed for use in pharmacies and other approved facilities. These systems are available in two convenient sizes: 10 and 20–gallon. A 40-gallon solution is available, please contact us to request more information.

TakeAway Environmental Return System Advantages

  • Includes return shipping and handling
  • Accepts both prescription medication and over-the-counter (OTC) products
  • Processed by law enforcement officials
  • Witnessed and assured treatment
  • Offers online tracking via MedsTracer
  • Complies with applicable regulations


TakeAway Environmental Return System FAQs