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Frequently Asked Questions

Recovery System

What goes into a Recovery System collection container?

For the home self-injector, sharps such as needles, syringes, and lancets can be safely collected in the Recovery System collection container.

For regulated businesses, sharps and used healthcare materials can be collected in the Recovery System collection containers.

Please note that no more than 50 cc (10 tsp.) of any liquid can go into any one sharps collection container. If using a secondary collection container, each sharps container placed into the system can hold up to 50ml.

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What Recovery System sizes are available?

Sharps Compliance has several different systems ranging from 1-quart to 30-gallon. Sharps and used healthcare materials can be placed into any of our Recovery System collection containers up to 3 gallons in size. For systems larger than 3 gallons, only used healthcare materials and sealed sharps containers (no loose sharps) can be placed into the container.

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What do I do with existing non–mailable containers?

The 5, 20 and 30-gallon systems are designed for existing sharps containers in need of disposal, or facilities that continue to use their own sharps containers. These systems can hold both sealed sharps containers (no loose sharps) and used healthcare materials.

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How much can a Recovery System weigh on the return?

Return weights vary per system. Please refer to the instructions that are included with each system, or contact Customer Support at 800.772.5657.

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Can I put the Recovery System sharps containers in my own packaging?

No. If you have lost your return shipping box, contact Sharps Customer Support (800.772.5657) for a replacement. Do not mail back your sharps collection container in packaging not provided by Sharps.

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Can I put my old sharps containers into the Recovery System return box?

In order to safely transport sharps, return boxes are designed to contain only their own sharps collection containers. If you have non–mailable sharps containers or sharps containers from another company, contact Sharps Customer Support (800.772.5657) for the proper and compliant system.

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Can I return my package to the Sharps address in Houston?

No, our corporate offices are located in Houston and our treatment facility is located in Carthage, Texas. If you lose your return box or manifest, please contact Customer Support (800.772.5657) for replacement.

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Are there any additional or hidden costs after a Recovery System is purchased?

Only outbound freight. All systems include a collection container, recovery system packaging, pre-paid return, treatment and manifest.

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SharpsTracer® and Manifest Tracking

How do I fill out the manifest-tracking document?

Fill out the multi–part manifest-tracking document according to the instructions. Keep the last page (the generator copy) for your records. If you are a business in New Jersey (not a home self–injector), you may need to complete the New Jersey state manifest and place it behind the Sharps manifest tracking form in the plastic pouch on your mailback box. These manifests can be obtained from the state of NJ. That website can be accessed on the regulatory links page.

If you are a home care patient, your manifest-tracking document may have your facility name and address pre-filled. If so, complete the generator. Make sure the document is in the plastic pouch, place your return address on the top of the box, and hand it to your mail carrier.

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Can I put the manifest-tracking document inside the return box?

No. The recovery system box is never opened once you seal it up, so the manifest would be destroyed if placed inside the box.

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What if I lose my manifest-tracking document?

If your manifest is lost or damaged, contact Sharps Customer Support (800.772.5657) for a replacement.

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How is proof of destruction verified?

Proof of destruction is available electronically through the SharpsTracer web-based manifest tracking system. Contact Customer Support (800.772.5657) for additional questions about SharpsTracer.

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How long must the manifest-tracking document be maintained?

There is no time limit for home self-injectors. For regulated businesses, it depends upon the state. Most states that regulate manifest retention require small quantity generators to retain the manifest and/ or proof of destruction for either two or three years. Pennsylvania requires five years.

Manifest tracking documents including proof of treatment are maintained electronically in SharpsTracer perpetually. If a hard copy of the manifest is needed, it can be downloaded and printed.

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Where does my waste go?

Your waste is repurposed at Sharps' fully permitted waste treatment facility.

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Are there any other regulatory requirements?

Each state has its own specific laws and regulations for businesses and self-injectors. Refer to our regulatory links page and click on your state, or contact Customer Support (800.772.5657) for your specific state or industry requirements.

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TakeAway Environmental Return System

How does TakeAway Environmental Return System work?

It's easy. You have two options. Simply purchase the Environmental Return System postage prepaid envelope and fill it with your unused patient medications. Then just drop it in the mail. Or you can place unused patient medications in the Environmental Return System postage prepaid drop-off box which is then shipped through UPS. The return shipping cost is prepaid with both options. The TakeAway Environmental Return Systems are transported to Sharps’ treatment facility where they are processed by law enforcement.

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What types of medications can I send?

Unused medications to include: non-controlled drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. CONTROLLED PRESCRIPTIONS (DRUGS) ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

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Should I take the drugs out of their containers?

The solution should be returned in their original containers–the returned package remains unopened and is processed by law enforcement officials. The law enforcement official then witnesses and assures destruction.

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Can I send liquids or gels in the envelope?

Yes. Liquids must be wrapped in a paper towel or other absorbent and placed in a sealed plastic bag (e.g. a zip-lock bag) before being placed inside the envelope or box. No more than four (4) ounces of liquids can be included in the envelope.

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What happens to the drugs?

Once your package arrives at the treatment facility, we scan and secure it, and then law enforcement supervises its processing.

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I'm a DEA registrant. Can I send medications?

The TakeAway Environmental Return System is for unused patient medications only.

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